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add idlecheck/idletimes message.

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......@@ -106,3 +106,38 @@ stoller 2003/04/04 10:20:31 MST
users will have to adjust their info the next time they edit their
info. Thats okay. I thought about forcing all users to do it the next
time they log in, but I figured people would scream.
newbold 2003/04/08 12:32:01 MDT
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. configure
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Remove idlecheck. Add idletimes and idlemail (and webidlemail).
(webidlecheck was removed in a separate commit.)
idletimes is the new commandline tool for checking idleness. It shows a
table like this:
PID EID Nodes HrsIdle Last Activity Act. type
AVQ Tunnel 4 15.18 2003-04-07 21:18:20 tty
pces toy 1 3.92 2003-04-08 08:34:02 tty
Spinglass fawaz 1 13.76 2003-04-07 22:43:48 tty
TempleSCTP FTP-REAL 1 26.40 2003-04-07 10:05:18 tty,net
testbed bvclass 4 24.58 2003-04-07 11:54:13 net
testbed ltest 1 14.37 2003-04-07 22:07:02 tty
testbed ron-image 1 501.88 2003-03-18 13:36:28 cpu,ext,tty,net
testbed Tone 1 501.88 2003-03-18 13:36:30 cpu,ext,tty,net
By default it only shows things that are over an idleness threshold. It
also has a mode to show all expts. Also can show idleness/activity by node
instead of by expt, which has a slightly different table. (s/Nodes/NodeID/)
idlemail isn't finished yet, but I don't want it to hold up idletimes and
the other changes any longer. It doesn't get used by anything yet, of
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