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Setting up the control node:
Need the following info:
Setting up an InstaGeni Rack. First, we need the following info:
1. Hostname for the control node.
2. IP and netmask for the control node.
3. IP for the ilo interface on the control node (same netmask).
4. IP for your DNS server.
5. IP for your default router.
* Send Utah all of the above info so that we can "bake" an image
6. Login (email), and ssh version 2 public key for a local administrator.
This should be a real person, not a pseudo user.
7. The iLo passwords for all of the nodes. These are stamped on the
top of each of the nodes. Please note the rack slot number for each
password. Ideally, we would have the ethernet addresses for the ilo
and eth0 interfaces too, but I expect we will have to figure that
out on the fly using the dhcpd logs.
* Send Utah all of the above info so that we can "bake" the images
for you. Once you hear back from us, you may continue with these
......@@ -28,7 +33,18 @@ Need the following info:
IP/Mask/Router, then F10 to save and then esc to exit. iLo will
* At this point you can go back to your desk and work from there.
* Is the RAID array setup? It wasn't on Utah's rack. Need to fill this
part in.
* At this point, Utah can do the rest of the rack setup without
further intervention from you. Well, unless something gets wedged
and Utah needs something to be physically power cycled. Or you can
go back to your desk and proceed to setup the rack using the
following instructions. Which do you prefer? I know you will make
the correct choice.
* Now that you have decided, send email to Utah asking us to complete
the installation while you go back to working on other projects.
* Using your web browser, go to the iLo IP you set, and login using
Administrator and the iLo password that is stamped on top of the
......@@ -53,7 +69,7 @@ Need the following info:
whatever number is to the left of the CD choice.
* The ISO will load and give you a boot prompt. Just hit return. You
will evntually get a shell prompt after a lot of noisy output.
will eventually get a shell prompt after a lot of noisy output.
* Fire up the network:
......@@ -66,15 +82,15 @@ Need the following info:
* Transfer the control node image from Utah:
cd /tmp
This is about a 1GB so it will take a while.
* Write the image file to the disk using the Emulab decompression tool:
/usr/bin/imageunzip -o genirack.ndz /dev/cciss/c0d0
/usr/bin/imageunzip -o genirack-1.ndz /dev/cciss/c0d0
This will take a little while.
This will take a little while. Or a long while.
* Set the boot order so that the control node does not try to boot
from the network, unless all else fails.
......@@ -176,6 +192,13 @@ Need the following info:
Some 6600 specific stuff. The port number above is 48.
6600> config
6600(config)> oobm disable
6600(config)> snmp-server listen data
6600(config)> write memory
* The 5400 will take longer to reset. Be sure you can telnet back to the
both switches and login with the password you used above. Once you are
......@@ -214,3 +237,13 @@ Need the following info:
This creates a bunch of LVMs and rewrites the xm.conf in the
boss/ops directories to reflect the new LVM paths, etc.
* Fire up the VMs. Ops has to be first, followed by boss.
sudo xm create /scratch/ops/xm.conf
sleep 30
sudo xm create /scratch/boss/xm.conf
* The rest of the setup has not been written down yet. We are waiting
for a second rack, to nail down the rest of the instructions.
* Anything to do with FOAM is in Nick's capable hands!
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