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Add Kentucky's defs file, so that if anyone changes the defs file

options in the future, they'll get this one too.

Obviously, this won't scale to too many sites, so we'll have to
figure something else out.
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# This is an example definitions file for configure.
# Use the --with-TBDEFS=filename to specify your own file.
# If you add a variable, be sure to go and update
# The name of this installation
# Various domain and host names
# Domain this testbed resides in
# Host name of our web server (or host:port)
# Fully-quailified hostname of the boss node
# Fully-quailified hostname of the ops (also called users) node
# Fully-quailified hostname of the fileserver (will probably be the same
# as the ops node)
# Addresses to which email will be sent - These are expected to go to mailing
# lists. You can either host the lists on your ops node, send them off to
# some external server. If you chose to run them from the ops node, the
# ops-install script sets up empty lists for you.
# Main address for the 'operations staff' - Copies of error messages, etc. will
# get sent to this address, and in some cases users are directed to this
# address if they have questions and/or problems.
# Notification of new projects requests get sent to this address for approval.
# Should have a few admin-types on it.
# Logs, such as experiment creation/deletion go to this address. Probably no
# more than one person needs to be on this one.
# Various auditing message about account maintenance go here. Again, probably
# only needs one member.
# Some web reports get sent to this one.
# Our node state management daemon sends mail to this address. Someone should
# be on this list, and reporting persistent error messages to Utah would be a
# good idea.
# We have a test suite to test the front end. This email is for the results
# of the testsuite, but is not used yet.
# We dynamically create two email addresses for notifications to users - one
# for all testbed users, and one for all users whose projects have active
# experiments. These addresses are included in the above lists, with the
# intent that they can be used to archive all mail sent to them.
# Real paths (no symlinks) to the directories that get exported from ops
# You shouldn't have to change anything below this point
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