Commit 5d202969 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Change nightly check for corrupted tables; tables are too big these

days, extended check locks up the system for too long and it never
ever finds any problems. So do a "medium" check instead, runs 5 times
parent 94316e93
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Copyright (c) 2000-2004, 2016 University of Utah and the Flux Group.
# Copyright (c) 2000-2004, 2016, 2018 University of Utah and the Flux Group.
......@@ -113,11 +113,7 @@ while (my ($table) = $query_result->fetchrow()) {
print "Checking $table ...\n";
# virt_routes is too big for this.
my $checktype = ($table eq "virt_routes" || $table eq "logfile_metadata"
? "medium" : "extended");
my $check_result = DBQueryWarn("check table $table $checktype");
my $check_result = DBQueryWarn("check table $table medium");
if (! $check_result) {
fatal("Error accessing the database.");
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