Commit 55761b71 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

More Bugs.

parent e9aaf165
......@@ -108,3 +108,34 @@ like this too, since splitting stuff between the web interface and the
perl scripts is messy, and the PHP DB interface is not as nice or
robust as the perl interface.
*** LastLogin info in web page - Sep 27 2001 - Needs to be done.
From: Jay Lepreau <>
To: "Leigh B. Stoller" <>
Subject: Re: cvs commit: testbed/www showproject_list.php3
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 19:11:11 MDT
If it were pretty easy to get wtmp info from plastic
into the database, and displayed in a separate column
on this page, that would be great.
It's the info we need to know who's really active and who's inactive,
which is not only interesting but affects who we ask to free up nodes.
LBS Comment: Probably want last web login info too. This would be
easy to add with a last_login DB table that would be updated in
DOLOGIN in the web server.
*** Need to install ssh on Linux - Sep 27 2001 - Needs to be done.
Suggested by Jay.
I think we should install xinetd and rsh by default. (But not turn on
rsh.) For one thing, many computational cluster users will want MPI.
RPMS: /proj/parmc/rpms/xinetd-
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