Commit 54e44982 authored by Russ Fish's avatar Russ Fish

Minor update.

parent e984e391
......@@ -1244,6 +1244,8 @@ Making single images
set pc=221 img=UPDATE image=UPDATE-pc3000-sysprep_2006-07-28
set pc=106 img=UPDATE image=UPDATE-pc850-sysprep_2006-03-03
set pc=247 img=UPDATE image=UPDATE-sysprep_2007-07-20
df -m /proj/testbed/images /usr/testbed/images
# Verify SSH working.
rootpc $pc id
......@@ -1307,10 +1309,17 @@ Making single images
ln -s WINXP-$image.ndz /usr/testbed/images/WINXP-$img-new.ndz
ls -l /usr/testbed/images/WINXP-$img-new*
# Production images.
ls -l /usr/testbed/images/WINXP-$img*
rm /usr/testbed/images/WINXP-$img.ndz
ln -s WINXP-$image.ndz /usr/testbed/images/WINXP-$img.ndz
ls -l /usr/testbed/images/WINXP-$img*
ls -l /usr/testbed/images/WINXP-$img*
set files = `ls -F /usr/testbed/images/WINXP-$img* | grep @ | tr -d @`
echo $files
v $files
foreach f ( $files )
echo $f
rm $f
ln -s WINXP-$image.ndz $f
v $files
ls -l /usr/testbed/images/WINXP-$img*
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