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Plan for VLANs to be set up on the control switch, and description of

what traffic should be allowed between them.
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Plans for the control switch VLANs, and description of which traffic should
(and should not) be allowed to cross between VLANs.
***** VLAN Mebers
* External: Just the wire to the Netcomm router
* Public: Plastic
* Private: paper, power controllers, IP interfaces to switches
* Control: All testbed nodes control network interfaces
***** What to allow
1) External <-> Private
ssh for logging in
http web server
smtp outbound, mail sent from the web server
ntp time synch
dns name server
nsr networker filesave to/from envy
2) External <-> Public
ssh for logging in
high ports for user proxies
nsr networker filesave to/from envy
smtp outbound, mail
ftp give users easy access to /users space (anonymous only?)
nfs only to .212 subnet
snmp get machine information
3) External <-> Control
ssh for logging in
hight ports allow users to run their own
snmp get machine information
4) Private <-> Public
ssh as always
nfs plastic:/proj mounted on paper
plastic:/users mounted on paper
paper:/usr/testbed/tftpboot/proj on plastic
ntp time
dns name server
5) Private <-> Control
ssh as always
ntp time synch
dns name server
dhcp including forwarded broadcasts
proxydhcp extended DHCP support (for PXE)
tftp for loading pxeboot, pxeboot loading multiboot kernels
bootinfo pxeboot <-> bootinfo daemon
tmcd the testbed master control daemon
nfs images from netdisk
6. Public <-> Control
ssh as always
nfs /users, all FSes for dnards
high ports talk to user proxies on plastic
snmp get machine information
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