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Console> (enable) set port enable <port>
To disable security for a port:
Console> (enable) set port security <port> disable
8. Manual VLAN configuration - From the switch command line
To see a list of all configured VLANs, use:
Console> (enable) show vlan
On the control net, all of the VLAN names should be self-explanatory
Adding a port to a VLAN is very easy. Just type:
Console> (enable) set vlan <NUM> <PORT>
... where <NUM> is the number of the VLAN, and <PORT> is the port (you can
use the 'if2port' script to get the port number)
To 'remove' a port from a VLAN, set it to VLAN 1.
To create a new VLAN, use:
Console> (enable) set vlan <NUM> name <NAME>
... where <NUM> is some unused VLAN number (use 'show vlan' to find one), and
<NAME> is some descriptive string
To delte a VLAN use:
Console> (enable) clear vlan <NUM>
... where <NUM> is the VLAN number (duh!) NOTE: This puts all of the VLANs ports
back into VLAN 1, and disables them. Use 'set port enable <PORT>' to re-enable it
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