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Brain dump of steps to bake InstaGeni rack images. Not complete!

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Notes on baking the images.
Each rack gets a backed image of the control node, and two baked
images for boss and ops. The control node image is discussed below,
but first lets talk about the boss/ops XEN VMs.
Briefly, the VMs are initially created as a XEN based ElabInElab
experiment using an NS file tailored to the eventual environment via a
bunch of attribute variables. For example, take a look at this one,
which is the basis for the BBN rack:
The initial config lines turn on/off some Emulab features, but most
importantly causes the ProtoGeni subsystem to be configured in and the
packages loaded. The CONFIG_GENIRACK takes it further, running the
ProtoGeni initsite script, which will generate all of the PG
certificates and upload them to the Emulab website. When running in
Utah, the VMs will look just like they would if they were on the
remote network, except that we temporarily change things so that they
will actually boot on our network. Later just before we take the
snapshots of the VMs, we clean that stuff out; when they next boot,
they better be booting on the control node at the remote site!
The rest of the config variables are set according to the particulars
of the site, as told to us by the local site admin.
After you "duplicate" this experiment for a new site, be sure to make
a copy of the private variables file, change the path in the NS file,
and change all the passwords in the file. I just generated random
strings by piping some bytes from /dev/random into md5 and taking a
Swap the experiment in.
Once the VMs are ready, we have to take the snapshots. But first we
have to clean them up as mentioned above. This process is actually a
lot more involved then I alluded to, but its all automated. First ssh
into the inner ops VM from outer boss:
ops> cd /usr/testbed/obj/install
ops> sudo perl emulab-install -i ops/genirack ops
then log out and log into inner boss:
ops> cd /usr/testbed/obj/install
ops> sudo perl emulab-install -i boss/genirack boss
Now we have to shutdown the VMs. Log into the physical host and then:
vhost-0> sudo /usr/local/etc/emulab/vnodesetup -jh pcvmXXX-1
vhost-0> sudo /usr/local/etc/emulab/vnodesetup -jh pcvmXXX-2
The -h option is very important; it says to keep the disks intact.
If you forget that, you have to go back to the beginning and start
Next step is to capture the entire state of the VMs, which includes an
imagezip of each lvm, a copy of the kernel, and a slightly modified
xm.conf file. The script that does this might not be installed, but
you can find it in the testbed source directory in
vhost-0> sudo -r boss pcvmXXX-1
vhost-0> sudo -r ops pcvmXXX-2
This will take a little while of course. When finished, cd into
/scratch and you will find two directories named boss and ops.
Create a tar file of them; no point in using compression. They are now
ready to be copied over to the new control node and installed.
Control Node Image:
The control node image is currently baked from the Utah control
node. We have an extra disk on out control node that is a duplicate of
the main disk. Well, it was at one time, but we don't change it very
often and when I do, I try to remember to update the mirror as well.
Anyway, there are just a few things that need to be changed on the
control image for each site.
Note, DO NOT CHANGE THESE ON THE ROOT DISK! The clone is mounted on
/mnt and /mnt/usr ...
* /mnt/etc/network/interfaces.local: IP address and mask, and the local
gateway address.
* /mnt/etc/resolv.conf: the usual; domain and DNS server(s).
* /mnt/etc/hostname; the hostname of course
* Set the root password; we do not want it the same on each control
node, although note that ssh root login is not allowed.
sudo chroot /mnt passwd root
* Create the initial admin account for the whoever said they are the
local admin. This requires an ssh version 2 pub key. Copy that file
to /mnt/tmp, and then:
sudo chroot /mnt /usr/local/bin/ stoller /tmp/
Now we want to take an imagezip of the mirror disk. This will give us
an ndz file that we can imageunzip onto the control node disk (this is
discussed in great detail in the installation notes in this directory).
sudo umount /mnt/usr /mnt
sudo imagezip -o /dev/sdb /scratch/newrack.ndz
Once the imagezip is done, you want to copy it over to Utah's www
downloads directory so that it easily available to the new control
node. Then remount the filesystems:
sudo mount /mnt
sudo mount /mnt/usr
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