Commit 3be78e3c authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Backout a couple of changes I turn on and off when making screen shots

for Eric.
parent cf8fb65c
......@@ -679,8 +679,8 @@ class Template
echo "<center>";
echo "<div id=fee style='display: block; overflow: hidden; ".
"position: relative; z-index:1010; height: 200px; ".
"width: 575px; border: 2px solid black;'>\n";
"position: relative; z-index:1010; height: 400px; ".
"width: 700px; border: 2px solid black;'>\n";
echo "<div id=\"mygraphdiv\" style='position:relative;'>\n";
echo "<div id='CurrentTemplate' style='display: block; opacity: 1; ".
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