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Add a few recent things to the ChangeLog

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ricci 2003/12/01 13:48:18 MST
Modified files:
. configure
Added files:
New scripts: tarfiles_setup, fetchtar.proxy, and webtarfiles_setup .
The idea is to give us hooks for grabbing experimenters' tarballs (and
RPMs) from locations other than files on ops. Mainly, to remove
another dependance on users having shells on ops.
tarfiles_setup supports fetching files from http and ftp URLs right
now, through wget. It places them into the experiment directory, so
that they'll go away when the experiment is terminated, and the rest
of the chain (ie. downloading to clients and os_setup's checks)
remains unchaged. It is now tarfiles_setup's job to copy tarballs and
RPMs from the virt_nodes table to the nodes table for allocated nodes.
This way, it can translate URLs into the local filenames it
constructs. It get invoked from tbswap.
Does the actual fetching over on ops, running as the user, with
Should be idempotent, so we should be able to give the user a button
to run webtarfiles_setup (none exists yet) yet to 'freshen' their
tarballs. (We'd also have to somehow let the experiment's nodes know
they need to re-fetch their tarballs.)
ricci 2003/11/20 18:37:34 MST
Added files:
utils/nsgen lan.xml nsgen planetlab.xml
New script: nsgen - Generates an NS file from some supplied values
and a template. The idea is that it's a general tool for generating
NS files for standard topologies (ie. LANs), filling in some
user-supplied values. Has some features that are useful for NS files,
like default values and skipping or commenting out sections if values
for variables are not given.
stoller 2003/11/17 17:30:37 MST
Modified files:
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