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Add description section for new paper.

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......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ Antec IPC3480B</a>, with 300W PS and extra fan.
<li> a server (<b></b>), consisting of:
<li> a users server (<b></b>), consisting of:
<li> Dual 500MHz Intel Pentium III cpus
......@@ -61,6 +61,19 @@ Cyclades-Ze PCI Multiport Serial Board</a>
<li> an operations server (<b></b>), consisting of:
<li> Dell PowerEdge 2550 Rack Mount Server
<li> Single 1000MHz Intel Pentium III cpu
<li> 512MB PC133 ECC SDRAM
<li> Dual-Channel On-board RAID (5) Controller 128MB Cache (2-Int Channels)
<li> Five 18GB Ultra3 (Ultra160) SCSI 10K RPM Hot Plug Hard Drives
<li> Dual Redundant 330 Watt Power Supplies
<li> Integrated Broadcom Gigabit BaseT and Intel Pro/100+ NICs
<li> 3 <a href = "">
Cisco 6509 high-end switches</a>. Two function as the "testbed backplane," each filled with a
<a href = "">
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