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Oops. A couple places in here, we were trying to use <?php constructs

- but this file isn't php!
parent 336f6c3e
......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ emote named <code>em1</code>, we would use <code>tb-fix-node $inkyhost em1</code
Uploading your own code to run on the motes is easy. Just build your TinyOS app
normally (ie. '<code>make mica2</code>'). Then, upload the binary that gets
placed in <code>build/mica2/main.srec</code> to our
<a href="<?php echo $TBBASE ?>/newimageid_ez.php3?nodetype=mote">mote image
<a href="/newimageid_ez.php3?nodetype=mote">mote image
creation page</a>. This page will ask you for a 'descriptor'. This
descriptor can then be used in <code>tb-set-node-os</code> lines in your
NS files, and your app will be automatically loaded on the appropriate mote(s).
......@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ starting a new experiment, you have two options:
Both of these are commands in /usr/testbed/bin on They are
also available through our
<a href="<?php echo $TBBASE ?>/xmlrpcapi.php3">XML-RPC interface</a>, so you
<a href="/xmlrpcapi.php3">XML-RPC interface</a>, so you
can run them from your desktop machine to save time - the file given as an
argument to tbuisp is sent with the XML-RPC, so you don't need to copy it onto
our servers.
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