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A cheap, not-very-elegant script that generates the XSD files and does hacky modifications.

The result is a separate *top file for ptop.xsd and vtop.xsd
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#! /bin/sh
# Delete all xsd files which are around
if [ -e "top.xsd" ]; then
rm top.xsd
if [ -e "ptop.xsd" ]; then
rm ptop.xsd
if [ -e "vtop.xsd" ]; then
rm vtop.xsd
if [ -e "ptop-top.xsd" ]; then
rm ptop-top.xsd
if [ -e "vtop-top.xsd" ]; then
rm vtop-top.xsd
# Create the ptop file
java -jar trang.jar ptop.rnc ptop.xsd
mv top.xsd ptop-top.xsd
sed 's/top.xsd/ptop-top.xsd/' ptop.xsd > ptop.tmp
mv ptop.tmp ptop.xsd
# Create the vtop file
java -jar trang.jar vtop.rnc vtop.xsd
mv top.xsd vtop-top.xsd
sed 's/top.xsd/vtop-top.xsd/' vtop.xsd > vtop.tmp
mv vtop.tmp vtop.xsd
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