Commit 30ca82ef authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Hacky but hopefully temporary fix for ELABINELAB usage; Determine the

idx of the emulab-ops project on the outer boss by looking in the
group_membership table.

This script needs a total cleanup, which will happen when I finish the
newuser,newproj,newgroup code I am working on.
parent 63153f02
......@@ -36,6 +36,8 @@ my $protoproj = 'emulab-ops';
my $protoproj_desc = 'Operations Meta-Project';
my $batchmode = 0;
my $webonly = 1;
my $uid_idx = 1; # Initial IDX for protouser.
my $pid_idx = 1; # Initial IDX for protoproj.
my $trust = "project_root";
my $password;
my $encpass;
......@@ -149,6 +151,19 @@ if (!$batchmode) {
# what a mess. For elabinelab, we need to find out what the idx for the
# emulab-ops project was on the outer boss since we have tables with that
# idx already in it.
$result = DBQueryFatal("select distinct pid_idx from group_membership ".
"where pid='$protoproj' and pid=gid");
if ($result->numrows) {
($pid_idx) = $result->fetchrow_array();
print "Creating user on boss...\n";
if (system "/usr/sbin/pw useradd $protouser -u $uid -g $agid -G \"$Ggid\" -h - " .
"-m -d $HOMEDIR/$protouser -s /bin/nologin -c \"$protouser_name\"\n") {
......@@ -182,18 +197,18 @@ if (!defined($opts{u})) {
print "Creating project in database...\n";
DBQueryFatal("insert into projects set pid='$protoproj', created=now(), " .
"name='$protoproj_desc', head_uid='$protouser', ".
"head_idx=$uid, unix_gid=$gid,approved=1,pid_idx=$gid");
"head_idx=$uid, unix_gid=$gid,approved=1,pid_idx=$pid_idx");
DBQueryFatal("insert into project_stats set ".
print "Creating group in database...\n";
DBQueryFatal("insert into groups set pid='$protoproj', gid='$protoproj', ".
"leader='$protouser', created=now(), ".
"description='Default Group', " .
"unix_gid=$gid, gid_idx=$gid, pid_idx=$gid, ".
"unix_gid=$gid, gid_idx=$pid_idx, pid_idx=$pid_idx, ".
DBQueryFatal("insert into group_stats set ".
DBQueryFatal("replace into emulab_indicies set name='next_gid',idx=10000");
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