Commit 1fb1cf20 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Don't do the named_wait thing on 10.1.

I had added use of this feature to make startup pause until the name
server was responding to avoid transient failures in elabinelab with
an "inner control net". But this feature does not work with a firewall
as it tries to do the named wait before any firewall rules have been loaded.
parent 7fb97233
......@@ -2495,8 +2495,15 @@ sub SetupBossNode($)
# We take advantage of a FreeBSD rc.named script option to force
# it to wait til it can resolve outer boss.
print RC "named_wait=\"YES\"\n";
print RC "named_wait_host=\"$bossname\"\n";
# XXX argh! This doesn't work in 10.1 with the firewall setup below.
# The named wait takes place before the firewall rules are loaded.
# Maybe this worked before because our custom kernel defaulted to
# an open firewall?
if ($FBSD_VERSION < 10.1) {
print RC "named_wait=\"YES\"\n";
print RC "named_wait_host=\"$bossname\"\n";
print RC "network_interfaces=\"\$network_interfaces lo0\"\n";
print RC "static_routes=\"outerboss vnodes\"\n";
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