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......@@ -99,6 +99,33 @@ router, and run the following:
Of course, replace 'Vlan3' with the name of your router's node
control-net interface, and replace the IP address with that of your boss node.
##### IGMP snooping on the control net
In order for multicast to work correctly, you need to make sure that IGMP
snooping is enabled on the control switch. This is needed for frisbee, our
disk-loading system. It's up to you wheter you want to enable this on the
experimental switches. On CatOS, the command is:
set igmp enable
#### VTP domains
If you have only one Cisco experimental-net switch, you don't need to have it
using VTP, which is a mechanism for keeping VLANs in sync across multiple
switches. You do this (in CatOS) with:
set vtp mode transparent
If you have multiple experimental switches connected by trunk lines, you should
use FTP. Pick a domain name (we call ours simply 'Testbed',) and run the
following on all of your switches:
set vtp domain <domainname>
Pick one switch to be the master - it doesn't really matter which one. (See the
switch setup insturctions in setup-db.txt, and make sure you name the stack
after the master switch.) On this one, run
set vtp mode server
On all the others, run
set vtp mode client
##### Some variations on the above configuration
There are some variations on the above configuration that we haven't tried, but
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