Commit 1bcde9c6 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Bug Fix: fix samba setup in opsfs path (fixed it before in fs path)

parent d069ca35
......@@ -1591,8 +1591,20 @@ sub SetupOpsNode($)
print RC "nfs_server_enable=\"YES\"\n";
print RC "nfs_server_flags=\"-u -t -n 8\"\n";
print RC "nfs_client_enable=\"YES\"\n";
print RC "smbd_enable=\"YES\"\n"
if ($emulabconfig{"CONFIG_WINDOWS"});
if ($isfs && $emulabconfig{"CONFIG_WINDOWS"}) {
# As of 10/2012, the startup for samba changed.
# XXX not directly related to the FreeBSD version, but it is
# the best we can do--the port version was not bumped when this
# change was made.
if ($FBSD_VERSION >= 8.3) {
print RC "samba_enable=\"YES\"\n";
print RC "nmbd_enable=\"NO\"\n";
} else {
print RC "smbd_enable=\"YES\"\n";
print RC "mountd_flags=\"-r -p 900\"\n";
print RC "syslogd_flags=\"-a $control_network\"\n";
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