Commit 19582197 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Fix obscure elabinelab newnode problem where MAC address was being typed

as a double by the RPC::XML library.
parent b4f443e7
......@@ -320,8 +320,16 @@ NODE: foreach my $node_id (@node_ids) {
"cert" => $RPCCERT,
"portnum" => $RPCPORT});
# XXX force MAC to a string since simple XML parser may otherwise
# think it is an int (i.e., all digits) or even a double (i.e.,
# all digits with an 'e' in the middle). Don't laugh, I spent a
# lot of time figuring this out when it really happened!
my $macstr = RPC::XML::string->new($interfaces{0}[0]);
my $rval = libxmlrpc::CallMethod("elabinelab", "newnode_info",
{"mac" => $interfaces{0}[0]});
{"mac" => $macstr});
if (!defined($rval)) {
print "XMPRPC server did not return control iface info!\n";
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