Commit 1803d68f authored by Timothy Stack's avatar Timothy Stack
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Fix subtle dependency problem with tevc and libevent.a, building tevc

is apparently what triggers libevent.a to be built in the ../lib
parent 54f55585
......@@ -53,12 +53,10 @@ endif
# Link against some of the object files from libtb, instead of the
# whole library, since the latter cannot be built on clients (without mysql)
tevc-debug: tevc.o $(LIBTBDIR)/log.o $(LIBTBDIR)/tbdefs.o
tevc-debug: tevc.o $(LIBTBDIR)/log.o $(LIBTBDIR)/tbdefs.o ../lib/libevent.a ../lib/event.h
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@ tevc.o $(LIBTBDIR)/log.o \
$(LIBTBDIR)/tbdefs.o $(LIBS)
$(PROGRAMS): ../lib/libevent.a ../lib/event.h
install: $(INSTALL_BINDIR)/tevc \
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