Commit 101fef08 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Copy emulab.pem from /var/run if it exists, otherwise user homedir.

parent afae1576
......@@ -2024,7 +2024,12 @@ sub SetupBossNode($)
# Copy over creators ssl certificate for XMLRPC. See below.
mysystem("cp -fp ~${creator}/.ssl/emulab.pem $stuffdir");
if (-e "/var/run/emulab.pem") {
mysystem("cp -fp /var/run/emulab.pem $stuffdir");
else {
mysystem("cp -fp ~${creator}/.ssl/emulab.pem $stuffdir");
# Copy extra ssh pub key for adding to elabman.
mysystem("cp -fp ~${creator}/.ssh/ $stuffdir")
if (-e "/users/${creator}/.ssh/");
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