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Added a warning about security vulernabilities in mod_php3

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......@@ -36,6 +36,15 @@ tcl-8.2.3 Tool Command Language
tcl-sql-20000114_1 TCL module for accessing MySQL databases
ucd-snmp-4.2 An extendable SNMP implimentation
IMPORTANT: php3 has some security vulernabilities, detailed at:
When building mod_php3, make sure to apply the patch found at:
(To do this with a FreeBSD port, do a 'make configure', change into the
'work' directory to apply the patch, then return to the normal make procedure)
The latest version of the ports collection (but not the one that came with
FreeBSD 4.3) may have this patch applied already.
Note on TCL: Do NOT install tcl83; otcl, which is used by some testbed
scripts, requires tcl82. When you install the tcl-sql package, it will be put
in the library directory for the latest version of tcl you have installed, so
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