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    Okay, first attempt to deal with os_setup waittimes on a per node_type · facc7acd
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    and per OSID basis.
    * Added bios_waittime to node_types table and reboot_waittime to
      os_info table. Initialized them as follows:
            update node_types set bios_waittime=60 where class='pc';
            update os_info set reboot_waittime=150 where OS='Linux' or
    	  OS='FreeBSD' or OS='NetBSD';
            update os_info set reboot_waittime=180 where OS=Windows';
    * The bios waittime can be edited via the web interface.
    * The reboot waittime can be set only by admin people right now; this
      is another case of something that maybe the user should not see
      cause its too much stuff? Instead, default values are established in
    * os_setup computes its per-node waitime as:
    	(bios_waittime + reboot_waittime) * 2
      as per Mike's suggestion. If either value is not defined in the DB,
      it defaults the original 7 minute value.
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