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    1.275: Add timed-based mapping table for generic OSIDs. This augments the · bb56a192
    Mike Hibler authored
           nextosid mechinism of 1.114 making it possible to map a generic *-STD
           OSID based on the time in which an experiment is created.  This
           provides backward compatibility for old experiments when the standard
           images are changed.
           The osid_map table lookup is triggered when the value of the nextosid
           field is set to 'MAP:osid_map'.  The nextosid also continues to behave
           as before: if it contains a valid osid, that OSID value is used to map
           independent of the experiment creation time.  The two styles can also
           be mixed, for example FBSD-JAIL has a nextosid of FBSD-STD which in
           turn is looked up and redirects to the osid_map and selects one of
           FBSD47-STD or FBSD410-STD depending on the time.
    	CREATE TABLE osid_map (
    	  osid varchar(35) NOT NULL default '',
    	  btime datetime NOT NULL default '1000-01-01 00:00:00',
    	  etime datetime NOT NULL default '9999-12-31 23:59:59',
    	  nextosid varchar(35) default NULL,
    	  PRIMARY KEY  (osid,btime,etime)
    	) TYPE=MyISAM;
           Yeah, yeah, I'm using another magic date as a sentinel value.
           Tell ya what, in 7995 years, find out where I'm buried, dig me up,
           and kick my ass for being so short-sighted...
           The following commands are not strictly needed, they just give
           an example, default population of the table.  They cause the standard
           images to be revectored through the table and then remapped, based on
           two time ranges, to the exact same image.  Obviously, the second set
           would normally be mapped to a different set of images (say RHL90 and
    	INSERT INTO osid_map (osid,etime,nextosid) VALUES \
    	  ('RHL-STD','2004-09-08 08:59:59','emulab-ops-RHL73-STD');
    	INSERT INTO osid_map (osid,etime,nextosid) VALUES \
    	  ('FBSD-STD','2004-09-08 08:59:59','emulab-ops-FBSD47-STD');
    	INSERT INTO osid_map (osid,btime,nextosid) VALUES \
    	  ('RHL-STD','2004-09-08 09:00:00','emulab-ops-RHL73-STD');
    	INSERT INTO osid_map (osid,btime,nextosid) VALUES \
    	  ('FBSD-STD','2004-09-08 09:00:00','emulab-ops-FBSD47-STD');
    	UPDATE os_info SET nextosid='MAP:osid_map' \
    	  WHERE osname IN ('RHL-STD','FBSD-STD');
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