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    Add several configure variables to the defs file so that the ssl certificates · ad3a6c5b
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    (config files) can be localized:
    	C                      = @SSLCERT_COUNTRY@
    	ST                     = @SSLCERT_STATE@
    	L                      = @SSLCERT_LOCALITY@
    	O                      = @SSLCERT_ORGNAME@
    Which are initialized locally to:
    	SSLCERT_LOCALITY="Salt Lake City"
    	SSLCERT_ORGNAME="Utah Network Testbed"
    Also added an "apache" target which will generate an initial cert/key
    for the apache server. This is a self signed certificate of course, which
    is fine for getting a new site off the ground. Note that the cert/key are
    installed during by install/boss-install.
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