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    New event agent to control wireless links. At present, this agent is · 6cf05acb
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    very specific to wireless links in general, and to iwconfig on Redhat
    9.0. It allows you to control the entire lan or an individual member
    of a wireless lan via the event system. For example to change the
    accesspoint of a wireless lan, you could do this:
    	tevc -e foo/bar now lan0 modify accesspoint=00:09:5B:93:0B:A4
    The agent deciphers the event arguments and calls iwconfig with the
    appropriate as needed. Note that there are many ways to make the lan
    unusable doing this, so you want to be careful. You can get the MAC
    addresses from the experiment info page (tbreport).
    New script called link_config, which might be badly named since it
    implies generality) to front end tevc. Operates mostly like
    delay_config in that it will change the physical table settings, and
    optionally (-m) the virtual table entries. So,
    	link_config testbed two-wireless lan0 accesspoint=00:09:5B:93:0B:A4
    You can change individual members of a lan too:
    	link_config -s nodew1 testbed two-wireless lan0 txpower=50
    Currently no web interface; too much work. I will add an xmlrpc
    interface though since that is easy to do.
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