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    Timothy Stack authored
    Robot related stuff: power via e-mail, client-install fixups, checking
    coords against camera boundaries.
    	* configure, configure.in: Add tbsetup/power_mail.pm to the list
    	of template files.
    	* doc/cross-compiling.txt: More stargate notes.
    	* event/sched/rpc.cc: Updates for the addition of the cameras
    	* robots/GNUmakefile.in, robots/emc/GNUmakefile.in,
    	robots/mtp/GNUmakefile.in, robots/rmcd/GNUmakefile.in,
    	robots/tbsetdest/GNUmakefile.in, robots/vmcd/GNUmakefile.in:
    	client-install fixups.
    	* tbsetup/GNUmakefile.in: Add power_mail.pm.
    	* tbsetup/os_setup.in: Don't skip reboot of robots anymore.
    	* tbsetup/power.in: Add special case for a power_id of "mail",
    	which calls into the power_mail.pm backend.
    	* tbsetup/power_mail.pm.in: E-mail backend for power, it sends an
    	e-mail to tbops and waits for the outlets.last_power value to be
    	updated from the power.php3 web page.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/parse-ns.in: Add the contents of the cameras table
    	to the TBCOMPAT namespace.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/sim.tcl.in: More checking of "setdest" inputs.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/topography.tcl: Update the checkdest method to
    	check destination points against the camera list.
    	* www/powertime.php3: Webpage used to update the last power time
    	for nodes.
    	* www/shownode.php3: Add "Update Power Time" menu button.