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    Timothy Stack authored
    Various nfstrace changes that have been sitting in my tree for awhile.
    	* GNUmakefile.in: Do fs-install in the sensors subdir so the
    	nfstracer gets installed.
    	* sensors/and/and-emulab.priorities: Add some more daemon uid's to
    	be excluded from auto-nicing.
    	* sensors/and/and.c: Ignore invalid uids/gids in the config file
    	instead of dying.
    	* sensors/nfstrace/GNUmakefile: Makefile used to generate
    	* sensors/nfstrace/GNUmakefile.in: Some more installation stuff.
    	* sensors/nfstrace/nfsdb-create.sql: SQL used to create the nfsdb
    	* sensors/nfstrace/nfsdump2db: Bunch of bug fixes and cleanup.
    	* sensors/nfstrace/nfsdump2db.8, sensors/nfstrace/nfstrace.7,
    	sensors/nfstrace/nfstrace.proxy.8: Start at some man pages.
    	* sensors/nfstrace/nfstrace.init.in: Try to detect the interface
    	to listen on, not perfect though.  Add a restart handler that just
    	restarts nfsdump2db.  Some other cleanup.
    	* sensors/nfstrace/nfstrace.proxy: Some optimizations for
    	resolving file names.
    	* sensors/nfstrace/nfsdump2/*: Only print summaries of read/write
    	packets and start a separate thread to read from the bpf socket.
    	* tbsetup/tbswap.in: Stop transferring nfs accesses to boss' db
    	until we figure out what we want to do with it.
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