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    Initial steps toward a hardware-assisted (switch VLAN) firewall implementation. · 0527441a
    Mike Hibler authored
    This checkin adds the necessary NS and client-side changes.
    You get such a firewall by creating a firewall object and doing:
    	$fw set-type ipfw2-vlan
    In addition to the usual firewall setup, it sets the firewall node command
    line to boot "/kernel.fw" which is an IPFW2-enabled kernel with a custom
    bridge hack.
    The client-side setup for firewalled nodes is easy: do nothing.
    The client-side setup for the firewall is more involved, using vlan devices
    and bridging and all sorts of geeky magic.
    Note finally that I don't yet have a decent set of default rules for anything
    other than a completely open firewall.  The rules might be slightly different
    than for the "software" firewall since they are applied at layer2 (and we want
    them just to be applied at layer2 and not multiple times)
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