1. 21 Jan, 2015 25 commits
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  4. 07 Dec, 2014 4 commits
    • David Kozub's avatar
      grub-core/kern/arm/misc.S: fix unaligned grub_uint64_t local variable · 17328db3
      David Kozub authored
      The unaligned local in __aeabi_uidivmod leads to a store to a 64bit
      value at an address that is not divisible by 8 (in grub_divmod64).
      The compiler most likely generates a STRD instruction to store it and
      this causes an exception.
      Fixes Savannah bug #43632.
      This includes improvements done by Leif Lindholm.
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    • Andrei Borzenkov's avatar
      Avoid use of non-portable echo -n in grub-mkconfig · cdae5bf2
      Andrei Borzenkov authored
      util/grub-mkconfig_lib.in(version_test_gt): "echo -n" is not really needed,
      final newline is stripped by command substitution.
      util/grub.d/10_kfreebsd.in, util/grub.d/10_linux.in,
      util/grub.d/20_linux_xen.in: change how list is built, to avoid echo -n
      util/grub.d/30_os-prober.in: add spaces to printed line directly
      Closes 43668.
    • Curtis Larsen's avatar
      fix double free in grub_net_recv_tcp_packet · 06eadf5e
      Curtis Larsen authored
      Using the http module to download config files, produces memory errors,
      after the config file is downloaded.
      The error was traced to the tcp stack in grub-core/net/tcp.c. The wrong
      netbuff pointer was being freed in the clean up loop.
      Changing the code to free the correct netbuff pointer removes the runtime
      Closes 42765.
  5. 05 Dec, 2014 3 commits
    • Andrei Borzenkov's avatar
      fix memory corruption in pubkey filter over network · ebb3d958
      Andrei Borzenkov authored
      grub_pubkey_open closed original file after it was read; it set
      io->device to NULL to prevent grub_file_close from trying to close device.
      But network device itself is stacked (net -> bufio); and bufio preserved
      original netfs file which hold reference to device. grub_file_close(io)
      called grub_bufio_close which called grub_file_close for original file.
      grub_file_close(netfs-file) now also called grub_device_close which
      freed file->device->net. So file structure returned by grub_pubkey_open
      now had device->net pointed to freed memory. When later file was closed,
      it was attempted to be freed again.
      Change grub_pubkey_open to behave like other filters - preserve original
      parent file and pass grub_file_close down to parent. In this way only the
      original file will close device. We really need to move this logic into
      core instead.
      Also plug memory leaks in error paths on the way.
      Reported-By: default avatarRobert Kliewer <robert.kliewer@gmail.com>
      Closes: bug #43601
    • Andrei Borzenkov's avatar
      add file filters tests · 272e0466
      Andrei Borzenkov authored
      Tests file access with all filters enabled. It does it both for local
      and network access, due to regression in signature checking over network.
      This includes all files in distribution to not depend on existence
      of compression tools and gpg. Test preloads all required modules to
      avoid having to provide signatures for them.
      Still not implemented is file offset filter (is not available in grub
      script, needs extra module)
    • Andrei Borzenkov's avatar
      grub-shell: support --files also for net boot · 4b94e322
      Andrei Borzenkov authored
      This allows running tests that require extra files using netboot as well.
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