Commit f4d35d49 authored by Andrei Borzenkov's avatar Andrei Borzenkov
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configure: set -fno-pie together with -fno-PIE

OpenBSD 5.9 apparently defaults to -fpie. We use -fno-PIE when appropriate
already, but that is not enough - it does not turn off -fpie.

Actually check for -fPIE is not precise enough. __PIE__ is set for both
-fpie and -fPIE but with different values. As far as I can tell, both
options were introduced at the same time, so both should always be supported.

This fixes compilation on OpenBSD 5.9 which otherwise created insanely big

Reported, suggested and tested by: Jiri B <>
parent 6714d7ec
......@@ -1185,9 +1185,9 @@ CFLAGS="$TARGET_CFLAGS"
# Position independent executable.
[# Need that, because some distributions ship compilers that include
# `-fPIE' in the default specs.
# `-fPIE' or '-fpie' in the default specs.
if [ x"$pie_possible" = xyes ]; then
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