Commit ad6d8f50 authored by Eric Snowberg's avatar Eric Snowberg Committed by Daniel Kiper

ieee1275: block-size deblocker support method

IEEE Std 1275-1994 Standard for Boot (Initialization Configuration)
Firmware: Core Requirements and Practices

3.8.3 deblocker support package

Any package that uses the "deblocker" support package must define
the following method, which the deblocker uses as a low-level
interface to the device

block-size ( -- block-len ) Return "granularity" for accesses to this
Signed-off-by: default avatarEric Snowberg <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarDaniel Kiper <>
parent c422bb60
...@@ -784,3 +784,26 @@ grub_ieee1275_no_data_command (grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t ihandle, ...@@ -784,3 +784,26 @@ grub_ieee1275_no_data_command (grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t ihandle,
return args.catch_result; return args.catch_result;
} }
grub_ieee1275_get_block_size (grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t ihandle)
struct size_args_ieee1275
struct grub_ieee1275_common_hdr common;
grub_ieee1275_cell_t method;
grub_ieee1275_cell_t ihandle;
grub_ieee1275_cell_t result;
grub_ieee1275_cell_t size;
} args;
INIT_IEEE1275_COMMON (&args.common, "call-method", 2, 2);
args.method = (grub_ieee1275_cell_t) "block-size";
args.ihandle = ihandle;
args.result = 1;
if ((IEEE1275_CALL_ENTRY_FN (&args) == -1) || (args.result))
return 0;
return args.size;
...@@ -228,6 +228,7 @@ char *EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_encode_uint4) (grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t ihandle, ...@@ -228,6 +228,7 @@ char *EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_encode_uint4) (grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t ihandle,
grub_uint32_t lun_lo, grub_uint32_t lun_lo,
grub_uint32_t lun_hi, grub_uint32_t lun_hi,
grub_size_t *size); grub_size_t *size);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_get_block_size) (grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t ihandle);
grub_err_t EXPORT_FUNC(grub_claimmap) (grub_addr_t addr, grub_size_t size); grub_err_t EXPORT_FUNC(grub_claimmap) (grub_addr_t addr, grub_size_t size);
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