Commit 95acd4cb authored by Vladimir Serbinenko's avatar Vladimir Serbinenko

gzio: fix unaligned access

parent 4f31bfe1
......@@ -1116,7 +1116,7 @@ inflate_window (grub_gzio_t gzio)
grub_uint32_t csum;
gzio->hdesc->final (gzio->hcontext);
csum = *(grub_uint32_t *)gzio->hdesc->read (gzio->hcontext);
csum = grub_get_unaligned32 (gzio->hdesc->read (gzio->hcontext));
csum = grub_be_to_cpu32 (csum);
if (csum != gzio->orig_checksum)
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