Commit 2391d579 authored by Eric Snowberg's avatar Eric Snowberg Committed by Daniel Kiper

ieee1275: add nvme support within ofpath

Add NVMe support within ofpath.

The Open Firmware text representation for a NVMe device contains the
Namespace ID. An invalid namespace ID is one whose value is zero or whose
value is greater than the value reported by the Number of Namespaces (NN)
field in the Identify Controller data structure.  At the moment  only a
single Namespace is supported, therefore the value is currently hard coded
to one.
Signed-off-by: default avatarEric Snowberg <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarDaniel Kiper <>
parent ae2a2745
......@@ -350,6 +350,50 @@ of_path_of_ide(const char *sys_devname __attribute__((unused)), const char *devi
return ret;
static char *
of_path_of_nvme(const char *sys_devname __attribute__((unused)),
const char *device,
const char *devnode __attribute__((unused)),
const char *devicenode)
char *sysfs_path, *of_path, disk[MAX_DISK_CAT];
const char *digit_string, *part_end;
digit_string = trailing_digits (device);
part_end = devicenode + strlen (devicenode) - 1;
if ((digit_string != '\0') && (*part_end == 'p'))
/* We have a partition number, strip it off. */
int part;
char *nvmedev, *end;
nvmedev = strdup (devicenode);
if (!nvmedev)
return NULL;
end = nvmedev + strlen (nvmedev) - 1;
/* Remove the p. */
*end = '\0';
sscanf (digit_string, "%d", &part);
snprintf (disk, sizeof (disk), "/disk@1:%c", 'a' + (part - 1));
sysfs_path = block_device_get_sysfs_path_and_link (nvmedev);
free (nvmedev);
/* We do not have the parition. */
snprintf (disk, sizeof (disk), "/disk@1");
sysfs_path = block_device_get_sysfs_path_and_link (device);
of_path = find_obppath (sysfs_path);
free (sysfs_path);
strcat (of_path, disk);
return of_path;
static int
vendor_is_ATA(const char *path)
......@@ -681,6 +725,9 @@ grub_util_devname_to_ofpath (const char *sys_devname)
/* All the models I've seen have a devalias "floppy".
New models have no floppy at all. */
ofpath = xstrdup ("floppy");
else if (device[0] == 'n' && device[1] == 'v' && device[2] == 'm'
&& device[3] == 'e')
ofpath = of_path_of_nvme (name_buf, device, devnode, devicenode);
grub_util_warn (_("unknown device type %s"), device);
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