Commit 17328db3 authored by David Kozub's avatar David Kozub Committed by Andrei Borzenkov
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grub-core/kern/arm/misc.S: fix unaligned grub_uint64_t local variable

The unaligned local in __aeabi_uidivmod leads to a store to a 64bit
value at an address that is not divisible by 8 (in grub_divmod64).
The compiler most likely generates a STRD instruction to store it and
this causes an exception.

Fixes Savannah bug #43632.

This includes improvements done by Leif Lindholm.
parent 58f66137
2014-12-07 David Kozub <>
* grub-core/kern/arm/misc.S: fix unaligned 64bit local variable
in __aeabi_uidivmod
Fixes Savannah bug #43632.
2014-12-07 Peter Nelson <peterdn>
* grub-core/fs/ext2.c (grub_ext2_read_block): Support large sparse
......@@ -60,17 +60,17 @@ FUNCTION(__aeabi_lmul)
.macro division parent
stmfd sp!, {lr}
sub sp, sp, #12
sub sp, sp, #8 @ Allocate naturally aligned 64-bit space
stmfd sp!, {r3,lr} @ Dummy r3 to maintain stack alignment
add r3, sp, #8 @ Set r3 to address of 64-bit space
str r3, [sp] @ Stack parameter, pointer to 64-bit space
mov r2, r1
add r1, sp, #4
str r1, [sp, #0]
mov r1, #0
mov r3, #0
bl \parent
ldr r1, [sp, #4]
add sp, sp, #12
ldmfd sp!, {lr}
ldr r1, [sp, #8] @ Extract remainder
ldmfd sp!, {r3,lr} @ Pop into an unused arg/scratch register
add sp, sp, #8
bx lr
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