Commit 102e435d authored by Vladimir Serbinenko's avatar Vladimir Serbinenko
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grub_arch_sync_dma_caches: Accept volatile address

parent 51f375d6
......@@ -35,10 +35,11 @@ void EXPORT_FUNC(grub_arch_sync_caches) (void *address, grub_size_t len);
#ifdef _mips
void EXPORT_FUNC(grub_arch_sync_dma_caches) (void *address, grub_size_t len);
void EXPORT_FUNC(grub_arch_sync_dma_caches) (volatile void *address,
grub_size_t len);
static inline void
grub_arch_sync_dma_caches (void *address __attribute__ ((unused)),
grub_arch_sync_dma_caches (volatile void *address __attribute__ ((unused)),
grub_size_t len __attribute__ ((unused)))
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