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    Some more robot integration.
    	* event/lib/event.h, event/lib/event.c: Add some
    	event_notification creation functions that get used in
    	* event/sched/event-sched.c, event/sched/rpc.h,
    	event/sched/rpc.cc: Sync the start of event time with the
    	robots reaching their initial positions.  This is done by
    	creating a master event-sequence that takes care of sending
    	the SETDEST events and then starting the Simulator timeline.
    	* mote/tbuisp.in: Use node_reboot instead of ssh'ing in.
    	* robots/GNUmakefile.in: Don't build tbsetdest if ulsshxmlrpcpp is
    	not available.
    	* robots/emc/loclistener.in: Clear the destination values for a
    	node when it reaches its destination.
    	* robots/primotion/garcia-pilot.cc,
    	robots/primotion/pilotClient.cc: Some cleanup and debugging.
    	* robots/primotion/wheelManager.cc: Check the rear sensors for
    	obstructions and then decide which way to pivot.
    	* robots/rmcd/pilotConnection.h, robots/rmcd/pilotConnection.c,
    	robots/rmcd/rclip.h: Even more tweaking.
    	* robots/tbsetdest/tbsetdest.cc: Don't generate points that are
    	outside the camera bounds or inside an obstacle.
    	* robots/vmcd/visionTrack.c, robots/vmcd/vmcd.h,
    	robots/vmcd/vmcd.c:  Add more debugging output.
    	* tbsetup/os_setup.in: Removed the robot hack used when deciding
    	which nodes to reconfig/reboot.  Added a robot hack to avoid
    	rebooting a robot whose mote is being os_load'd, since it would
    	interrupt tbuisp which does the reboot anyways.  Also fixed a
    	small typo.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/node.tcl, tbsetup/ns2ir/sim.tcl.in: Oops, forgot
    	to convert degrees to radians.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/topography.tcl: When checking for node destination
    	points in obstacles, include the implicit exclusion zone.
    	* tmcd/common/bootsubnodes: Add empty "mote" case.
    	* tmcd/linux-sg/GNUmakefile.in: Make some of the /etc subdirs when
    	doing the install.
    	* tmcd/linux-sg/rc.stargate: Start garcia-pilot.
    	* vis/floormap.in: Add options for showing the camera bounds,
    	obstacle exclusion zones, and displaying vnames instead of pnames.
    	* www/ledpipe.php3: Finally figured out how to use a socket
    	instead of popening a perl script.
    	* www/robotmap.php3: Add checkboxes for displaying/not displaying
    	the camera bounds and obstacle exclusion zones.  Add a legend
    	showing what actual vs. destination points are.  Pass pid/eid
    	through to vis/floormap if it is given.
    	* www/showexp.php3: Add a "Robot Map" link to experiments that
    	have allocated garcias.
    	* www/floormap/map_legend_node.gif,
    	www/floormap/map_legend_node_dst.gif: Icons used by the robot map
    	* www/floormap/robots-4.jpg: Added an obstacle around the entryway
    	so people are slightly less likely to trip over the robots.  Added
    	a coordinate system legend to the top left corner.
    	* www/tutorial/mobilewireless.php3: Add links to David's movie of
    	the robot making its way around the pillar.
    	* www/tutorial/robot_anim.gif: A nifty gifanim clip of the robot
    	* xmlrpc/emulabserver.py.in: Pull the camera data from the DB,
    	instead of returning hardcoded stuff.
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