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    Shashi Guruprasad authored
    1) IP address based routes can now be added
       - The IP address is set on a link object
       - An "$ns rlink" is used to instantiate links
         that get cut and cross physical partitions
       - Traffic agents that are across physical
         partitions (i.e. different instances of nse)
         are connected by a new "$ns ip-connect"
       - A new Node instproc "add-route-to-ip" adds
         IP address based routes.
       - Changed ns multicast addressing to use 3 bits
         instead of the default 1
       - Currently, the classifier does a lookup on a
         complete 32 bit IP and if a target to route to
         is not found, uses a 24 bit IP mask. It does not
         try to match IP prefixes of all lengths. I'll add
         that later if necessary
    2) NS packets that cross partitions are encapsulated in
       IPPROTO_ENCAP IP packets.
    3) RAW IP sockets used to inject packets into the network
       now use a rtabid paramater so that packets can be
       routed according to different routing tables
    Tested with 2 test cases, one with UDP/CBR traffic
    and another with default NS TCP/FTP traffic. Setup was done
    manually. As I do testbed integration, there may be more changes.
    Here's the test setup:
       2.2    2.3   1.2      1.3   3.2      3.3
    n0 --------- n1 ----------- n2 ------------ n3
    n0,n1 are on one physical node and n2,n3 are on another. The n1-n2 link
    is cut.
    A TCP example:
    set ns [new Simulator]
    $ns use-scheduler RealTime
    set n0 [$ns node]
    set n1 [$ns node]
    $ns duplex-link $n0 $n1 10Mb 5ms DropTail
    [$ns link $n0 $n1] set-ip
    [$ns link $n1 $n0] set-ip
    set rl0 [$ns rlink $n1 2Mb 40ms DropTail]
    $rl0 set-ip
    set tcp0 [new Agent/TCP]
    # The last parameter specifies the port
    $ns attach-agent $n0 $tcp0 20
    $ns ip-connect $tcp0 20
    set ftp0 [new Application/FTP]
    $ftp0 attach-agent $tcp0
    $n0 add-route-to-ip
    $n1 add-route-to-ip
    $ns at 1.0 "$ftp0 start"
    $ns at 10.0 "$ftp0 stop"
    -----------------end physnode0---------------------
    set ns [new Simulator]
    $ns use-scheduler RealTime
    set n2 [$ns node]
    set n3 [$ns node]
    $ns duplex-link $n2 $n3 10Mb 5ms DropTail
    [$ns link $n2 $n3] set-ip
    [$ns link $n3 $n2] set-ip
    set rl1 [$ns rlink $n2 2Mb 40ms DropTail]
    $rl1 set-ip
    set tcpsink0 [new Agent/TCPSink]
    $ns attach-agent $n3 $tcpsink0 20
    $ns ip-connect $tcpsink0 20
    $n3 add-route-to-ip
    $n2 add-route-to-ip
    -----------------end physnode1---------------------
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