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      Implement limited backward compatibility with the old frisbee setup. · 1017ccce
      Mike Hibler authored
      The big backward compatibility issue is that we no longer store running
      frisbeed info in the DB.  This means that loadinfo could not return
      address:port info to clients and thus old frisbee MFSes could no longer
      work.  While not a show stopper to require people to update their MFS first,
      I made a token effort to implement backward compat as follows.
      When an old frisbee MFS does "tmcc loadinfo" (as identified by a tmcd
      version < 33), tmcd will invoke "frisbeehelper" to startup a daemon.
      Sound like frisbeelauncher?  Well sorta, but vastly simplified and I only
      want this to be temporary.  The helper just uses the frisbee client to make
      a "proxy" request to the localhost master server.  The Emulab configuration
      of the master server now allows requests from localhost to proxy for another
      frisbeehelper is also used by webfrisbeekiller to kill a running daemon
      (yes, just like frisbeelauncher).  It makes a proxy status request on
      localhost and uses the returned info to identify the particular instance
      and kill it.
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      More work toward getting this working on subboss. · 8d80301e
      Mike Hibler authored
      More work on the hierarchical configuration for subboss. When doing host-based
      authentication, allow client to pass an explicit host (IP) to the mserver.
      If the mserver is configured to allow it, that IP is used for authenticating
      the request instead of the caller's IP. Add a default ("null") configuration
      so the mserver can operate out-of-the-box with no config file. The goal of
      these two changes is for an mserver instance with the default config and a
      proxy option to serve the needs of a subboss node (i.e., so no explicit
      configuration will be needed).
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      Make double-sure that we don't do install from these directories in a devtree. · fe8b2fd0
      Mike Hibler authored
      They are not in the top level GNUmakefile install, but if someone were to
      manually install from their devtree, they would clobber the "master" versions.
      This is because of the way that INSTALL_RCDIR and INSTALL_APACHE_CONFIG are
      set in Makeconf.in.  They are not prefixed with ${prefix} since they can be
      set directly via configure command line "--with" arguments.
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      Add tipserv startup script for captures. · 161e71b4
      Mike Hibler authored
      Not ideal, there is a startup script which in turn invokes a run_capture
      script.  The latter contains the actual capture lines.  The idea is that
      the latter could be auto-generated someday from info passed via tmcd.  But
      at the moment, it is manually maintained.
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      A bunch of changes for a "standalone" clearinghouse. Presently this · 60f04310
      Leigh Stoller authored
      its really a hugely stripped down Emulab boss install, using a very
      short version of install/boss-install to get a few things into place.
      I refactored a few things in both the protogeni code and the Emulab
      code, and whacked a bunch of makefiles and configure stuff. The result
      is that we only need to install about 10-12 files from the Emulab
      code, plus the protogeni code. Quite manageable, if you don't mind
      that it requires FreeBSD 6.X ... Still, I think it satisfies the
      requirement that we have a packaged clearinghouse that can be run
      standalone from a running Emulab site.
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      Deal with an odd interaction bewteen mysql 5.0 and FreeBSD 6.1 ... · ce260a1d
      Leigh Stoller authored
      mysqld does not properly detach, and the funky shell script startup
      that is uses causes mysqld to not detach properly, and when the parent
      exits, the process group gets a SIGHUP. Well, in mysql 5.0 a HUP
      causes the mysqld to reload its grant tables, even though it was
      started with --skip-grant-tables, which causes everything on boss to
      completely break.
      So, on FreeBSD6, start mysqld with "daemon" utility program, which
      does the proper detach.
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      · fe964dd5
      Kirk Webb authored
      Don't start the plab renew daemon anymore.
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