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    • Leigh Stoller's avatar
      Fix the empty password on the user account we create on the dell · 69c75587
      Leigh Stoller authored
      switches, I must have forgot to deal with it.
      Basically, the FTOS manual says you can give it an MD5 or sha256 hash of
      the password. Well, FTOS must come from another dimension, cause the MD5
      and sha256 it generates, is different then what boss generates, for the
      same input string. So that makes it hard to set up an account with a
      password, unless I send over the cleartext. Which is okay, it stores it
      internally as the hash (I cannot seem to generate). So we send over the
      cleartext per-node root password that is regenerated for each time it is
      allocated to an experiment. Not a big deal, we load the user's ssh keys,
      they should not need to use passwords.
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      Recovery mode: · bde6c94d
      Leigh Stoller authored
      * Add a new Portal context menu option to nodes, to boot into "recovery"
        mode, which will be a Linux MFS (rather then the FreeBSD MFS, which
        99% of user will not know what to do with).
      * Plumb all through to the Geni RPC interface, which invokes node_admin
        with a new option, to use the recovery mfs nodetype attribute.
      * recoverymfs_osid is a distinct osid from adminmfs_osid, we use that in
        the CM to add an Emulab name space attribute to the manifest, that
        tells the Portal that a node supports recovery mode (and thus gets a
        context menu option).
      * Add an inrecovery flag to the sliver status blob, which the Portal
        uses to determine that a node is currently in recovery mode, so that
        we can indicate that in the topology and list tabs.
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    • Leigh Stoller's avatar
      Various fixes for ualloc switches: · cdcbedc7
      Leigh Stoller authored
      * Stop using the ALWAYSUP state machine for switches, this causes ISUP
        to always get sent, which in certain cases, results in stated
        rebooting the switch!
        Added new ONIE state machine, which handles the way switches actually
        boot into ONIE first and then does the bootinfo/grub dance, or does a
        reload or does admin mode.
      * Do not send PXEBOOTING from ONIE; this was a mistake, it throws us
        into the PXEKERNEL state machine, which sometimes results is stated
        rebooting the switch!
        We still use PXEWAIT (it is sent by bootinfod), since that is the
        "waiting" state that is wired into a lot of Emulab, it just happens to
        now be a state in the ONIE state machine, so its legal.
      * Fix a bug in libossetup, that was fooling libossetup_switch into
        thinking the wrong thing.
      * Add some timeouts to the libosload_mlnx code, sshd sometime refuses to
        answer after a failed login. Strange.
      * Fix a fork() problem in the switch reload code; gotta call exit, not
        return! This was wreaking subtle (okay not so subtle) havoc in
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      Use sunlink flag to prevent users from removing critical directories in · 982f3f59
      Leigh Stoller authored
      /proj. Applied to top level only for now, since that was reasonably easy
      to do, since projects and group stuff is all done on ops already (where
      the chflags has to run). We could apply this to experiment and image
      directories too, but we all know the better approach is to stop mounting
      /proj on experimental nodes, right?
      Also a new script mkprojdirs to create/recreate missing project
      directories and do the chflags (calls over to ops and uses the
      existing proxy script).
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