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      Last part of the recent widearea changes. Now that widearea nodes are · eb6c576c
      Leigh Stoller authored
      reporting in isalive status, and since we are returning a "need to
      update" flag in the message, and since we are now initiating widearea
      account updates by setting the flag for each node, and since tmcd
      decrements that flag when the node picks up accounts, it is a simple
      matter to do update for remote nodes! Simply, bump the flag in this
      script, and then wait a little while to see whose flag does not change
      back! Report those in the email message. Works very slick.
      This mechanism is going to be generalized some to handle other kinds
      of updates. Either via the isalive return value, or via a specialized
      TMCD call to return the list of things that need to be updated. The
      next most needed update mechanism we need is for the testbed software,
      followed closely by user software.
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      Fix a bug: I was multiplying bandwidth information in the widearea_ · 1b1b5cda
      Robert Ricci authored
      tables by 8, to convert from Kbit/s to Kbyte/sec. But, it's already in
    • Leigh Stoller's avatar
      The big key changes ... Deprecate the two pubkey slots in the users · 6c6f8baf
      Leigh Stoller authored
      table and create a new table to hold user_pubkeys, indexed by the
      comment field of the key. Change mkacct to insert newly created Emulab
      keys into that table, and to regen the users authorized_keys file
      from the DB. Users should no longer edit their own authorized_keys
      file or the changes will be lost (I put a comment in their files).
      Change the three pages that deal with keys. join/new project can now
      take a file of multiple keys; each is inserted. Moved the key stuff
      that was in the update user info page into a new pubkeys page that
      allows users to add/sub keys easily. New key additions are password
      Unrelated change: Add an audit mode to mkacct to log its output and
      send it to the tblogs email. Previously, warnings and errors tended to
      get lost.
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    • Leigh Stoller's avatar
      Changes to sshtb. Remove sshremote, and convert sshtb into a perl · 231fc2b1
      Leigh Stoller authored
      script that checks the database to see if local or remote. The problem
      with this is that the ssh syntax makes it hard to determine the host
      name by inspection. Would need to parse all the ssh args (bad idea),
      ot work backwards and try to figure out the difference between the
      command (which is not a string but a sequence of args) and the host
      and the preceeding ssh args. Hell with that! Changed sshtb to require
      a specific -host argument. Read the args and look for it. Error out of
      not found, to catch improper usage.
      The moral of this update: "sshtb [ssh args] -host <host> [more args ...]
    • Leigh Stoller's avatar
      Changes to support calculation of the multiplex count (was hardwired · 9de156ea
      Leigh Stoller authored
      to 4!). Add option to convert between multiplex mode and real node
      mode. Also change code to make sure that dead nodes are not
      considered, nor node that are allocated or have no free virtual nodes.