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      Nice utility for constructing tb_compare parts of tests. It works like this. · 8b214a9a
      Christopher Alfeld authored
      Say I want to check the contents of the virt_lans table.  I run my
      experiment through tbprerun, and manually inspect virt_lans to make
      sure it's correct.  Then I do something like:
      dbdump tbdb_calfeld 'select vname,delay,bandwidth,lossrate,member from virt_lans where pid="testbed" and eid="test"'
      dbdump should output something like:
      @result = (
      which I copy and paste into my test script and put immediately under
      it the command:
      tb_compare("select vname,delay,bandwidth,lossrate,member from virt_lans" .
      	" where pid=\"testbed\" and eid=\"test",\@result);