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      Lots of changes. · 349db7bf
      Mac Newbold authored
      First, fix up the isup generation code. When a node/OS doesn't send its
      own isups, but is pingable, we need to fork and ping it, and send ISUP
      when it pings. The code was there, but was broken. This fixes it. The one
      time that it may cause errant messages is in modes other than MINIMAL.
      When we get BOOTING, we check if it needs isup generated. If we have to
      ping it, when it pings we send ISUP. This means that if we are really in
      NORMAL mode, we might send ISUP before the node sends REBOOTED (or TBSETUP
      in NORMALv1), and it would look funny. But that case will be really rare,
      since everything that sends REBOOTED or TBSETUP has no reason not to send
      ISUP itself.
      Second, after mailbombing myself a couple of times, Kirk and I decided I'd
      better put some throttling in the notification code that stated uses. So
      now it throttles itself and digests the messages if they're sent too close
      together. The first message it gets will get sent immediately. If the next
      one is long enough after that, it sends it immediately too. If a message
      comes too soon after sending one, we queue it up, and send it later
      after enough time has passed. Currently it is set to wait 5 seconds
      between messages, so it will send up to 12 per second, and wait no more
      than 5 seconds before sending a message that is queued up.
      (Something similar to this may be a nice thing in the rest of our stuff,
      but it was made a lot easier by the fact that stated already had a polling
      loop in it. Without that, you'd have to use alarms or some other weird
      thing, which would be painful.)
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      Updated nse.patch,tbnexthop.{cc,h} with all the recent nse changes. · fc580b5a
      Shashi Guruprasad authored
      tbnexthop.{cc,h} now contains setsockopts to install "ipfw fwd" rules.
      <netinet/ip_fw.h> has changed from FBSD 4.3 to 4.5 . Because boss has 4.3,
      compiling ipfw code on boss and running it on an experimental
      node doesn't work. Therefore, I now have a cvs checked in local copy of
      the 4.5 version of the file.
      nseinput.tcl now finds the CPU cycle speed from /var/run/dmesg.boot and
      passes the info to nse's RT scheduler which keeps track of real time
      using the TSC. The same info can be obtained by PERFMON ioctls but the
      kernel boot time measurement of the cpu cycle speed is more accurate than
      what perfmon can report
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    • Shashi Guruprasad's avatar
      NSE related changes: · 05bc3bd4
      Shashi Guruprasad authored
        - Fixes the routing problem
        - A new type "sim" has been created but not in the DB. node_types and
          nodes remain unchanged. This will change after we figure out how
          to represent in the DB the local multiple virtnodes in one phynode case
          The frontend tb_compat.tcl adds the sim type and ptopgen associates
          a huge number of sim nodes to all local PCs.
        - All simulated nodes go into one pc untill I finish coding the distributed
          nse case. Also, sim nodes go through assign but with an explicit
          "fix-node" directive in the top file. A random free pc is chosen using
          the avail script in assign_wrapper. If we don't fix node it, assign
          maps sim nodes to multiple phy nodes even when a valid all to one
          mapping is possible.
        - Syntax for nse:
         $ns make-simulated {
             set simnode1 [$ns node]
             set simnode2 [$ns node]
         The old syntax
         set nsenode [$ns nsenode]
         $nsenode make-simulated {
         is deprecated
        - All 38 frontend tests in the testsuite pass
        - A new table v2pmap has been added to handle multiple virt nodes to
          one phy node mapping. This is used in "tmcc hostnames" currently.
        - The phy node that is picked to run nse is loaded with a custom image
          FBSD45-NSE . This can use the default FBSD kernel if there is a mechanism
          to run at 1000HZ, have options IPFIREWALL_FORWARD and PERFMON turned on.
          The image is in the 'testbed' group. Do not delete this image.
        - Static routes now adds routes for the case dst == nexthop. The routing
          graph would be disconnected otherwise and I need to traverse this in
          assign_wrapper for nse. On the client side, such a route is filtered out in
        - sim nodes are also correctly visualized
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      Bunch o' changes. · e9dcf743
      Mac Newbold authored
       - Better pidfile handling, do proper locking, etc.
       - Change die() to fatal(), so it sends mail and goes to syslog instead of
         to /dev/null
       - Fix RESET to not reset pxe_boot_path for Mike.
       - Fix sendmail call to have proper to and from addrs
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      Merge the newstated branch with the main tree. · 5c961517
      Mac Newbold authored
      Changes to watch out for:
      - db calls that change boot info in nodes table are now calls to os_select
      - whenever you want to change a node's pxe boot info, or def or next boot
      osids or paths, use os_select.
      - when you need to wait for a node to reach some point in the boot process
      (like ISUP), check the state in the database using the lib calls
      - Proxydhcp now sends a BOOTING state for each node that it talks to.
      - OSs that don't send ISUP will have one generated for them by stated
      either when they ping (if they support ping) or immediately after they get
      to BOOTING.
      - States now have timeouts. Actions aren't currently carried out, but they
      will be soon. If you notice problems here, let me know... we're still
      tuning it. (Before all timeouts were set to "none" in the db)
      One temporary change:
      - While I make our new free node manager daemon (freed), all nodes are
      forced into reloading when they're nfreed and the calls to reset the os
      are disabled (that will move into freed).
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    • Robert Ricci's avatar
      A few changes for use with the testsuite's 'full' mode: · 509c7b38
      Robert Ricci authored
      1) Checks database redirects for nodes, and ignore events that aren't
         directed to its database.
      2) Doesn't insist on being run as root (doesn't need to be right now,
      3) '-f' option that prevents it from forking into the backgound, for
         easier killing.
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