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      Add node_admin command for users. Simply switches between the normal · 85b512e7
      Leigh Stoller authored
      testbed boot process and the freebsd pxeboot/MFS kernel. I'm hoping
      this will be useful enough for users to load their own disk images,
      but we shall see. Usage is simple:
      	/usr/testbed/bin/node_admin on|off pcXXX
      The "on" state boots the MFS, and the "off" states sets it back to
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      An attempt at making image creation an easy/automatic operation. HA! · 27f26d99
      Leigh Stoller authored
      This uses the pxe booted freebsd kernel and MFS. In addition, I use
      the standard testbed mechanism of specifying a startup command to
      run, which will do the imagezip to NFS mounted /proj/<pid>/.... The
      controlling script on paper sets up the database, reboots the node,
      and then waits for the startstatus to change. Then it resets the DB
      and reboots the node so that it returns back to its normal OS. The
      format of operation is:
      	create_image <node> <imageid> <filename>
      Node must be under the user's control of course. The filename must
      reside in the node's project (/proj/<pid>/whatever) since thats the
      directory that is mounted by the testbed config software when the
      machine boots. The imageid already exists in the DB, and is used to
      determine what part of the disk to zip up (say, using the slice option
      to the zipper). Since this operation is rather time consuming, it does
      the usual trick of going to background and sending email status later.
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