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      - · d484691c
      Russ Fish authored
      Resizing the window, and moving the splitter between the HyperViewer canvas and
      controls panel, now work.
       . Resizing of GLCanvas for HyperViewer.  EVT_SIZE(self.hypView, self.OnResizeCanvas)
       . Control the size of the controls panel.
      		 EVT_SIZE(self.window_1, self.OnResizeWindow)
      		 EVT_SPLITTER_SASH_POS_CHANGED(self.window_1, -1, self.OnSashChanged)
       . Keep dragging of the window divider outside the window from blanking the
         HyperViewer canvas or controls panel.         self.window_1.SetMinimumPaneSize(21)
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      · c89c8d3d
      Russ Fish authored
      Minor hypview stuff:
         . Cleanup: Don't need to call SwapBuffers in the Python code anymore.
         . Since we're walking a tree, we want the Show/Hide buttons to be
           on if Descend is checked.
         . Go to the top node after read-in, so the node info is displayed.
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      Two hypview client fixes: · 676d3f9a
      Russ Fish authored
        . Make the AnimationFrames GUI control work on Windows and FreeBSD.
        . Make animated moves work in HyperViewer on FreeBSD.
          - Add setFrameEndCB to HypView{,er}.{h,cpp}, frameEndCB to hvmain.cpp .
          - Pass the wxGLCanvas pointer from the Python app all the way down to
            frameEndCB to call wxGLCanvas->SwapBuffers().
            The pointer comes through "encrypted" from Python, hack around that.
          - hvMain now needs to be compiled and linked against the
            wx_gtk2-2.4 includes and libs so it can call SwapBuffers.
  9. 03 Aug, 2004 1 commit
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      . Try to fix memory over-run when reading experiments after the first. · 4fa7211c
      Russ Fish authored
         This sometimes results in wonky, skewed viewing transforms.
         - Add hvkill function instead of depending on HyperViewer clean-out code.
         - Improve string handling, remove all fixed-size buffers.
         - Keep label truncation from segmentation violation with a wonky transform.
       . OpenDialog initialization: focus and load text from command-line args.
       . Fix a platform-dependent bug in LabelsMode, resulting from changing it from
         a dropdown to a choice type widget in wxGlade.  Failed to work on Windows.
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      Fix a flock of little things in the hypview GUI: · 0dc1bff4
      Russ Fish authored
       . Improve control panel layout by removing spacers and using Border spacing instead.
       . Start to make resizing work by setting Expand options in the GUI.
       . Change the LabelsMode widget from a wxComboBox to a wxChoice.
       . Disallow non-numeric chars and handle Enter in the "Node/Link depth" spinboxes.
       . Handle Enter in the Open dialog text fields; complain politely about empty text.
       . Disable show/hide buttons when there are no links in or out, respectively.
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      Kluge around problems with picking nodes in HyperViewer on Windows. · 56dc5eb9
      Russ Fish authored
      I will have to fix the bug in PyOpenGL argument passing to get
      picking working right.
      Meanwhile, I put in a simple work-around hack: when you pick a graph
      edge in the spanning tree displayed by HyperViewer, the node it leads
      to is picked instead.  (The edge has a negative integer ID, while the
      node it leads to is positive.)
      This also gives the ability to "zip" along edges of the graph, which
      I kind of like.  It's not a very good substitute for picking nodes,
      but might be worth keeping even after node picking works.  We can
      also define our own semantics for picking edges in the graph...
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      Put the win32 source files in a subdirectory. · fe711190
      Russ Fish authored
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