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      Several changes: · 9da1d6bb
      Leigh Stoller authored
      1. Do not pass -u option (update mode) to the mapper call in GetTicket, if
         not actually an update. This will now cause the mapper to pass the -F
         option to assign, so that fixnode (by the user rspec) will not override
         normal constraint checking.
      2. MAINSITE: Add d820-explicit desire so we can actually use the shared
         node pool.
      3. Add checks for out of memory errors from assign, and pass that back for
         the caller.
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      Minor bug fix. · b16d31f5
      Leigh Stoller authored
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      Fix typo. · 68d48acf
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      Add new options to CreateSliver/Provision; supply an x509 certificate and · 8be26639
      Leigh Stoller authored
      private key.
      The goal is to distribute an experiment wide certificate and private
      key. At the moment this is just a self signed x509 certificate and the
      accompanying rsa key. In PEM format. The same cert/key will be distributed
      across multiple aggregates.
      An openssh key pair can be trivially derived from the private key. Or the
      public part can be derived from the certificate. A quick google will show
      Initially, you will need to run tmcc directly to get them, using the
      geni_certificate and geni_key commands.
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      New support for importing image backed datasets from other clusters. This · 613d90dd
      Leigh Stoller authored
      is just like importing images (by using a url instead of a urn), which
      makes sense since image backed datasets are just images with a flag set.
      Key differences:
      1. You cannot snapshot a new version of the dataset on a cluster it has
         been imported to. The snapshot has to be done where the dataset was
         created initially. This is slightly inconvenient and will perhaps
         confuse users, but it is far less confusing that then datasets getting
         out of sync.
      2. No image versioning of datasets. We can add that later if we want to.
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      Support for stitch to Lan: · 6c1560d0
      Leigh Stoller authored
      1. A trivial change in GeniCM; only look at the first two interfaces in the
         link if it references an external node. We already depend on the fact
         that the first two interfaces are in the same order as the two stitch
         points in the stitching section, so as long as we ignore external nodes
         after the second interface, setting up the virtual state for a lan works
         just peachy.
      2. libvtop_test: a bit less trivial, mostly cause of vlan tag pre
         reservation when stitching. When we encapsulate a lan we build another
         lans table entry that is linked. There is no need to do this when the
         encapsulation is vlan, and in fact I had changed links a long time ago
         to not do this, for the exact same reason. Lans are little bit more
         complicated but I think I got it.
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      Minor bug fix. · e3885710
      Leigh Stoller authored
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      Directory based image paths. · 3a21f39e
      Leigh Stoller authored
      Soon, we will have images with both full images and deltas, for the same
      image version. To make this possible, the image path will now be a
      directory instead of a file, and all of the versions (ndz,sig,sha1,delta)
      files will reside in the directory.
      A new config variable IMAGEDIRECTORIES turns this on, there is also a check
      for the ImageDiretories feature. This is applied only when a brand new
      image is created; a clone version of the image inherits the path it started
      with. Yes, you can have a mix of directory based and file based image
      When it is time to convert all images over, there is a script called
      imagetodir that will go through all image descriptors, create the
      directory, move/rename all the files, and update the descriptors.
      Ultimately, we will not support file based image paths.
      I also added versioning to the image metadata descriptors so that going
      forward, old clients can handle a descriptor from a new server.