1. 13 Jul, 2015 1 commit
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      Add geni-lib script parameter warnings/errors, groups, helpdocs. · c201620c
      David Johnson authored
      (The bulk of the code is in the parameter form formatter/decorator JS
      code; I only applied it to the wizard for now... but it's
      straightforward to copy it into the old parameter code ;))
      The portal can now render the parameter form in much more complex ways.
      It supports a notion of advanced parameter groups, a panel containing
      parameters that is closed by default but expandable; generic parameter
      groups; per-parameter detailed helpdocs in an expandable subpanel (and
      an expand-all-help link that will also expand all the parameter group
      panels), and error messages and warnings.  A summary of both errors and
      warnings is displayed at the top of the form, and specific error message
      details are displayed near parameters.  The error message display is
      flexible to generic user messages -- basically if the error is a proper
      geni-lib portal error/warning, but not a parameter error/warning, it
      will be displayed at the top of the parameter form (along with any
      others).  If it's an "improper" one, we'll still do our best to display
      it.  If you warn a user, you can provide a set of parameter values that
      "fix" the warning, and the Portal UI will change the form values and
      tell the user it did so.  You can't do this on error; the assumption is
      the user has to fix the error.
      Finally, the portal now tries to rungenilib in warnings-are-fatal mode
      the first time parameter bind (to generate rspec) is attempted.  If they
      go backwards to re-parameterize, warnings should be fatal again.  It's
      too hard to figure out when we should stop warnings-fatal mode; we can't
      block the user's progress if they really want to proceed in the face of
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      Checkpoint various changes. · 0d09773b
      Leigh Stoller authored
      * Various UI tweaks for profile versioning.
      * Roll out profile versioning for all users.
      * Disable/Hide publishing for now.
      * Move profile/version URLs into a modal that is invoked by a new Share
        button, that explains things a little better.
      * Unify profile permissions between APT/Cloudlab. Users now see just two
        choices; project or anyone, where anyone includes guest users in the APT
        interface, for now.
      * Get rid of "List on the front page" checkbox, all public profiles will be
        listed, but red-dot can still set that bit.
      * Return the publicURL dynamically in the status blob, and set/show the
        sliver info button as soon as we get it.
      * Console password support; if the aggregate returns the console password,
        add an item to the context menu to show it.
      * Other stuff.
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      More work on URLs and publish. · 206f98b4
      Leigh Stoller authored
      * Add a uuid to the profile itself. So now we have a uuid for each specific
        version, and a uuid that points to the profile as a whole.
      * On the manage page, move the URL to the left hand panel, and add a second
        URL. One is the URL of the specific version, and the other is a URL to
        the entire profile. Add popovers to explain the difference between.
      * On the instantiate page, when you use this URL, we instantiate the most
        recently published version of the profile.
      * Add a bit of verbiage to the publish modal.
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