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      Backend support for creating slices in emulab subgroups. This is done · fbc92be9
      Leigh Stoller authored
      with urns of the form:
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      Switch to using URN objects in the data structures. This is backwards · 53499003
      Leigh Stoller authored
      compat with existing code since the stringify method just returns the
      URN. Over time, this will be made more explicit. See previous commit for
      how it interacts with XMLRPC and JSON encoding.
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      This change is to support switching urn in data structure from strings · 9d2cc009
      Leigh Stoller authored
      to objects (see GeniHRN, look for new()). Much easier, less typing.  But
      in order to do that, we have make sure that if we send one on the wire,
      it gets converted properly (converted to it its plain string).
      But, Frontier and XML::RPC do not let you hook in so that if you have a
      blessed reference, it will call its stringify method for encoding.  Odd,
      cause encode_json (JSON) supports that.
      As it turns out, Frontier is structured so that it is easy to hook into
      it, and its only mildly sleazy. And Frontier has not changed in years,
      so probably not going to change much in the next few years. XML::RPC was
      too messy, so I switched Genixmlrpc CallMethod() to use Frontier
      instead.  Does not seem to risky, we use Frontier on the receiving end
      Lets see how this goes, its been running in my devel tree for a while.
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      Set up network agents. Also do program agents properly (using the · 3fe9e24a
      Leigh Stoller authored
      routines exported by Experiment.pm).
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      Minor fix for dataset urn parsing. · 91a46ff6
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      NFS mount changes, still a work in progress, bound to change: · e369c1a8
      Leigh Stoller authored
      * The Emulab portal now adds a toplevel element (Emulab namespace)
        directing the CM to use standard emulab mounts (read: /users).
        We clear that element from the other portals.
      * The CM looks for that tag, and allows it only if the caller is the local
        SA. The default for nfsmounts setting for geni experiment containers is
        "genidefault", but that is set to "emulabdefault" when allowed.
      * tmcd changes; no using nfsmounts slot instead of nonfsmounts. "none"
        means no mounts (duh), "emulabdefault" means standard mounts we all know
        and love, "genidefault" means no /users mounts.
        In addition, when we are doing emulabdefault mounts on a geni experiment
        node, we do not return accounts that are specified in the rspec, but
        rather we return the local project accounts only.
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      Add -s -R -B options to idlestats. · 78bb5f9d
      Leigh Stoller authored
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