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      Add tbshutdown daemon. Started from rc.setup right after we tell the · ceac4889
      Mac Newbold authored
      testbed we've rebooted. Immediately daemonizes, then sets a signal handler
      and sleeps forever. When it gets a signal to quit (on shutdown, reboot or
      going single-user), it sends a state transition to SHUTDOWN to the
      testbed. It installs into /etc/testbed/ .
      Important note:
      If you're going to use this in an image that runs the NORMAL state machine
      (instead of NORMALv1, MINIMAL, etc.), the SHUTDOWN state is called
      REBOOTING in that mode. Just change the appropriate line in tbshutdown,
      but don't commit the change, since further use of the NORMAL mode in new
      images is deprecated. Alternatively, you could change the image over to
      NORMALv1 by renaming all REBOOTING tags to SHUTDOWN and changing REBOOTED
      to TBSETUP.
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      NSE related changes: · 05bc3bd4
      Shashi Guruprasad authored
        - Fixes the routing problem
        - A new type "sim" has been created but not in the DB. node_types and
          nodes remain unchanged. This will change after we figure out how
          to represent in the DB the local multiple virtnodes in one phynode case
          The frontend tb_compat.tcl adds the sim type and ptopgen associates
          a huge number of sim nodes to all local PCs.
        - All simulated nodes go into one pc untill I finish coding the distributed
          nse case. Also, sim nodes go through assign but with an explicit
          "fix-node" directive in the top file. A random free pc is chosen using
          the avail script in assign_wrapper. If we don't fix node it, assign
          maps sim nodes to multiple phy nodes even when a valid all to one
          mapping is possible.
        - Syntax for nse:
         $ns make-simulated {
             set simnode1 [$ns node]
             set simnode2 [$ns node]
         The old syntax
         set nsenode [$ns nsenode]
         $nsenode make-simulated {
         is deprecated
        - All 38 frontend tests in the testsuite pass
        - A new table v2pmap has been added to handle multiple virt nodes to
          one phy node mapping. This is used in "tmcc hostnames" currently.
        - The phy node that is picked to run nse is loaded with a custom image
          FBSD45-NSE . This can use the default FBSD kernel if there is a mechanism
          to run at 1000HZ, have options IPFIREWALL_FORWARD and PERFMON turned on.
          The image is in the 'testbed' group. Do not delete this image.
        - Static routes now adds routes for the case dst == nexthop. The routing
          graph would be disconnected otherwise and I need to traverse this in
          assign_wrapper for nse. On the client side, such a route is filtered out in
        - sim nodes are also correctly visualized
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      Fix up regex problem that was created when the naming scheme for · 6df13ffe
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      unnamed links was changed.