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      Handle the case of links between a switch and a node - I thought · f0cc1b90
      Robert Ricci authored
      I had disallowed this in the parser, but I hadn't thought about
      LAN nodes, which typically get assigned to switches. So, handle
      this case correctly.
      We still do *not* handle links between two switches (eg. directly
      between two LANs). However, what the semantics of this should be
      is totally unclear - do we use the *whole* interswtich bandwidth?
      Since we are not likely to hit this in our regular usage, we punt
      for now with an error if it happens.
      Also, remove the parser check, since we now handle correctly the
      case it was trying to disallow.
  5. 01 Feb, 2010 3 commits
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      Working version of auto speed selection for vlinks · eac6b811
      Robert Ricci authored
      Use '*' as the bandwidth on the link line in the .top file to have
      assign auto-select the speed for the link - it uses the slower of the
      two interfaces selected as endpoints for the link.
      Tested, but not heavily.
      Known limitations:
      * Doesn't work with trivial or emulated links, it's not clear what the
      semantics would be.
      * Doesn't work on links that go directly to switches, for complicated
      reasons of code strcutre. We never use these in practice anyway.
      * Not yet supported in XML parser; it should be a special tag or
      attribute in that format.
      * Might not find valid solutions in a very unlikely case: if a single
      node has interfaces of different speeds on the same physical switch,
      this code will always select the faster interface that's not already in
      use. If the faster interface is faster than the inter-switch bandwidth,
      and the slower interface is slower than it, assign *could* find a
      feasible solution by using the slower interface.  However, it will never
      try this solution.
      * Assign doesn't print the speed it picks; its up to the wrapper to know
      how fast the interface is. However, this shouldn't be an undue burden,
      as assign *never* prints out link speeds.
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      Modify link mapping function to handle auto-adjustment of · eaac88f0
      Robert Ricci authored
      vlink speed to native interface speed.
      Nearly, but not quite completely, functional
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      Modify assign bandwidth checks so that when a bandwidth of '*' · 9339c47f
      Robert Ricci authored
      is given, it skips bandwidth checks.
      Not well tested yet.
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  7. 22 Jan, 2010 2 commits
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      First phase of adding a special '*' bandwidth to the top file · 0552a7db
      Robert Ricci authored
      This value can be specified in place of an integer bandwidth. When
      this is done, assign will map the virtual link to *any* physical
      link of the right type, regardless of bandwidth. However, it will
      adjust the bandwidth used for trunk calculations, etc, based on the
      bandwidth of the interfaces selected, so that this doesn't cause us
      to overuse interswitch links.
      For the time being, it is not legal to use this option with trivial
      links or emulated (multiplexed) links, since it's not at all clear
      what this would mean.
      This commit contains only the data structure and parser changes; the
      actual implementation will come soon.
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